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arrows_right_orange-whiteBicycles United is a bi-lingual magazine in English and Thai languages. We are passionate group of people who enjoys cycling and created Bicycles United Magazine to tell a story as every bicycle, every rider or cyclist has a story and we want to tell your story. Bicycles United magazine is a lifestyle cycling publication for bicyclists of all types and nature and is aimed to open up conversations on what’s happening in the world of cycling here in Thailand and internationally. It is a free magazine available in both print and digital editions, the print edition can be picked-up in Bicycle Shops, Bicycle Cafes, selected Fitness Centers, selected restaurants, shops and shopping malls.

Previous Issues

Issue #1

Welcome to the launch issue of Bicycle United, the lifestyle cycling magazine for Thailand. Thailand is the hub of cycling with much to offer on cycling, with Bicycles United we would like to use this publication as an exchange of communication and knowledge on all aspects of cycling. As this is our first issue, we know it is not yet perfect and we still need to work on many matters to make this the magazine you want to read and keep.

Cover_Download_Here_Cover2Issue #2

The first issue theme is on vintage bicycles, after all it is the root of how bicycles were evolved from to being transformed into the variety and types of bicycles we have today. Our elders have always taught us never to forget our roots, it is also the same for bicycles. Every bicycle, every rider or cyclist has a story that is why with each issue we will have a different theme with interesting articles to read.


Issue #3

We want to enter the world of cycling here in Thailand and abroad to bring the many touring adventures and cycling races one can take on two wheels without the power of the engine but using only the power of the body, the spirit of the mind and the courage of the heart. We want to tell your stories to the many that does not know or is not aware of. We want you to will ride from north to south and from east to west with amazing rides in amazing Thailand. To the many bicycle dealers, bicycle shops and cyclist our apology if we have not been in touch or not been able to meet up. We will definitely catch up with as many as you as possible so we can know each other better and promote the best of cycling whether touring or racing, we are all riders riding on the same land, the land called “Land of Smiles”.

Issue4-BicyclesUnited-CoverIssue #4

After the Taipei International Bike Show, we see the many new bicycles and cycling accessories popping up of FB and websites. Wow, so many eye-stunning goodies, better take a breather to absorb it all in and see what you really want or need. Many cyhclists habe whispered in ur ears that so many people are turning into bicycle-holics and but without rhyme or readson just to own a new piece of equipment and never using it. Hopefully my friends you are not one of them.

Issue5-BicyclesUnited-CoverIssue #5

In our 05 Issue, you will find the fucus on urban bicycles and city cycling with perfectly coincides with the perfect timing in Bicyclles United exclusive interview in Singapore with Andrew Ritchie, founder and creator of Brompton Bicycles.